Welcoming Cory Owens

Cory Owens is a Virginia native and has lived in Norfolk for 10 years. Cory is an avid cyclist, a professional chef, and a sports car enthusiast. Cory is deeply connected to the Norfolk community and works as a volunteer chef and advocate for FEAST VA – a program that is working to eliminate food deserts. A self-motivated dream chaser, Cory is relentless in his pursuit of knowledge – which is what led him to strive for and attain his real estate license. Cory’s infectious smile and effervescent personality are his calling card but everyone who knows Cory knows that he does not surrender. Whether it is finding you the perfect updated kitchen to pursue your own chef dreams or helping you secure the right loan and grants as a first-time homebuyer, Cory will cruise every avenue to get those keys in your hand. All you have to do is look and fall in love with your forever home. Cory has got you on everything else. Let’s get moving.




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