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As we approach the holidays, it’s hard not to think about shopping, gift-giving, and giving back to the community. The common theme: giving. Our Managing Broker, Misty Brownell, has found that her ‘Buy Nothing’ Facebook Group has done more for the community than she initially imagined. Watch this feature from WTKR about this local group taking after the Buy Nothing Project.



“This holiday season, with inflation and supply chain issues lingering, one local group is boasting the success of its swap group. Everything posted must be free.

It seems these types of groups are part of a growing trend. One national effort known as the Buy Nothing Project has more than 4.27 million members. One of the main goals is to build communities and create a cleaner planet.

In southern Virginia Beach, Misty Brownell created a group after being encouraged by her sister-in-law who lives near Philadelphia and has participated in such sites. Brownell is a busy managing broker with Atlantic Sotheby’s International Realty, but the COVID pandemic gave her a little more time. That’s when she started the Facebook group: April of 2020. It now has more than 2,300 members, and one of the main rules is that anything posted on the site is given for free to the first person to respond. Also, those giving and taking must be within the immediate geographical region to keep swapping hyperlocal. This particular one is called Sandbridge and Kellam District Neighborhood Swap. Before being admitted, administrators will ensure the person joining lives in the neighborhood.”

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Here at Atlantic Sotheby’s, we love nothing more than giving back. It prides us to have agents and staff who feel the same. Tis’ the season for giving! If you would like more information on this Facebook Group, send these two a message!



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