What Does It Mean To Go Behind The Scenes?

When we say BTS, we don’t mean the K-Pop group. BTS, in the world of film and real estate, actually stands for “Behind The Scenes“. It’s an in-depth look at the video process, specifically all that goes into creating the cinematic home feature videos we call Lifestyles.



Recently we spent some time in the OBX filming for an upcoming lifestyle video. We can’t give away too many details on the property yet but wanted to shed some light on the process. To start, typically our crew is composed of the talent (on-screen actors/actresses), the film crew, our Marketing Director, our Social Media Director, and often times the agent listing the property is there in attendance.



Once we have everyone ready to rock and roll on location – we begin filming! Not only do we shoot from ground level, but we also film the bird’s eye view of each applicable scene. With multiple cameras, we are able to capture several POVs (point of view) throughout filming. Talent act out different scenarios that are outlined by our Marketing Director, who has a specific vision in mind for each property we shoot. When our Social Media Director is not in the scene, she typically follows the film crew like a shadow – showcasing the process.



Now, where the BTS comes into play is on our Instagram specifically. If you want to check out the day’s filming process for this lifestyle, you can check it out in our Instagram Story Highlight called “On Set”. Not only does our Social Media Director cover BTS herself but she also adds in any shared videos/photos from the rest of the crew.



But wait, there’s more! By piecing together some BTS taken that day, our Marketing Director actually cut together a little video to show you all just a little taste of what’s yet to come. Follow us on all Social Media Channels to catch when the Lifestyle drops and the property is officially featured!



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